At Zero Impact Landscaping we believe in responsible environmental stewardship. That's why we take every effort to reduce our impact on the environment. We maintain the highest standards of excellence in everything we do while keeping our practices as environmentally friendly as possible.

How we do it:

High Efficiency Equipment - Let's face it, a landscaping company has to use power tools and equipment. We strive however to use the most energy efficient equipment on the market whenever possible. We are constantly on the lookout for new technologies to help us minimize our carbon footprint.

Use of Bio-Fuels - We use bio-fuels and bio-fuel mixtures whenever possible in our power equipment. This helps us to minimize our need for non-renewable hydrocarbon fuels.

Use of Natural Fertilizers - Natural and Organic fertilizers are the only type of fertilizers used by our company. Granted, they may cost just a bit more, but we believe they are an important part of responsible lawn and garden maintenance.

Solar Powered Installations - We strongly encourage the use of solar power for a variety of applications. We can provide lighting, water fountains and waterfall features that all run on solar power. These installations can be remarkably inexpensive to install and have Zero Impact on the environment.

Water Conservation - Through the use of drought tolerant plants, rain barrel installations and education we can help you minimize your water use while still maintaining a beautiful lawn and garden.

Carbon Offsets - Through our partnership with we offset all our carbon emissions through a variety of reforestation projects. We firmly believe in the philosophy to "Reduce what you can, Offset what you can't. TM"